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Alexander Valley Vineyards

Growing Green

At Alexander Valley Vineyards, where our future, our viability, our sheer existence are so closely tied to the land that produces our grapes, we are continually taking steps to follow sustainable practices while reducing our environmental footprint. Here are just a few of those initiatives:

  • We've been certified as a Green Business in recognition for the steps we've taken to follow the best environmental practices and conserve resources. We are one of only 14 wineries in Sonoma County to receive official certification.

  • We’ve installed solar panels to generate power for winery operations from pumps to computers to bottling equipment.

  • We’ve constructed 25,000 square feet of wine caves, using natural insulation properties to age and store our wine and eliminating the need to build an energy gulping air-conditioned warehouse for that purpose.

  • We purchase organically farmed grapes to produce our Gewurz.

  • In the vineyard, we plant cover crops like rye grass and peas, preventing erosion and providing nutrients for the soil while eliminating the need for chemical fertilizers.

  • Nothing goes to waste here at Alexander Valley Vineyards. Grape stems and pomace (the solid remains of the grapes after they are pressed) for instance, are composted, turning them into a nutrient-rich material that can be used in the vineyards. Glass bottles and the foils that protect the cork are regularly recycled.