Sustainable Practices


The Wetzel family’s commitment to their vineyards and winery is informed by their respect for the surrounding land.  When the family bought their Alexander Valley property in 1962, they were attracted by the ranch’s natural beauty; rugged hillsides, rolling meadows, rushing winter creeks and plentiful wildlife.  Since that time the family has focused on protecting this land.  Today the third generation is continuing this legacy as the fourth generation is growing up on the property they love.

Cover Crops

Nurturing the land.
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Solar Panels

Let the sun shine in.
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Creek & Wildlife

Maintaining healthy, wide riparian corridors.
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Green Initiatives

It is the right thing to do.
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Historic Preservation

While debating what to do with the run down Victorian home on the property, fate intervened when Maggie Wetzel met Healdsburg’s historian and learned of the property’s rich historical legacy.  Long a collector of antiques, Maggie was determined to preserve as much of the property as possible.
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These gardens have sustained and inspired for over 175 years.
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"Sustainable agriculture, for me, means taking care of the land and keeping it in its pristine state. One of the reasons I want us to farm that way is because we actually live here on the property."
Hank Wetzel