Historic Preservation

Adobe – built 1845, restored 1965

Cyrus’ first home was restored in 1965.  Today it is used to entertain family and friends, along with winery visitors.

Alexander Home – built 1840s, restoration began 1973

Since Cyrus Alexander settled the valley, two families have lived on this property.  Parts of the structure were originally constructed in the 1840s.  The home was badly damaged in the 1906 earthquake and the original structure was largely replaced with the Victorian home.  In 1973 the Wetzel’s began to restore the home, maintaining its original aesthetic, and today, Hank and Linda Wetzel live in the home.

Alexander Valley Schoolhouse – built 1868, restored 1970-1972

The schoolhouse was located about half a mile away from the Wetzel property.  After the building was purchased, it was moved to a hill overlooking the vineyards. Today it is a favorite spot among visitors to the property.  It’s image anchors the Alexander School Reserve label.

Family Cemetary

Multiple members of the Alexander Family rest in peace on a hillside overlooking the spot that Cyrus called the “brightest and best in the world.”  Harry and Maggie Wetzel were laid to rest there in 2008.

While debating what to do with the run down Victorian home on the property, fate intervened when Maggie Wetzel met Healdsburg’s historian and learned of the property’s rich historical legacy. Long a collector of antiques, Maggie was determined to preserve as much of the property as possible.