Vineyard Manger Junior Macias with winemaker Kevin Hall talking about grapevines and walking through AVV's hillside vineyards Grapes

Winemaking Philosophy

Winemaker Kevin Hall is constantly adapting to the rhythms of nature, the readiness of the vineyards and the evolution of the individual wines.  While our vineyards provide the sense of terroir and consistent character of our fruit, our winemaking staff provides the invaluable experience.  Their work is constant and crucial; topping the barreled wines to minimize air contact as they develop, monitoring and measuring the young wines as they progress, and tasting, tasting, tasting.  Decades of experience tying vineyard and winery together give AVV total control of wine production, resulting in rich, complex wines that showcase a truly robust sense of place.


Barrels are a significant component in winemaking.  Many of the wine’s textural elements and spice flavors derive from barrel aging.
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With one half acre of underground caves, we age our barreled wines in constant cool temperatures and high humidity.
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Blending a wine that is superior to any one component is the winemaker’s challenge and triumph.
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