The Wetzel Family Estate now spans over 700 acres, straddling Highway 128 with vineyards on both sides of the Russian River to the west and bordered by the Mayacamas mountains to the east.  In between there is a wide range of microclimates, elevations, exposures and soil types.  Most importantly, there is water.

Premium vineyards were virtually unknown in the Alexander Valley in the 1960s.  Unencumbered by local tradition, the Wetzels were pioneers, planting classic grape varieties and implementing innovative vineyard techniques.

There is no shortcut to consistent quality.  At AVV we match grape varieties to microclimates and soil profiles, planting specific rootstocks and clones.  We use drip irrigation to deliver the right amount of water to the vines and trellising to control canopy management.  This progressive approach has kept AVV a leader in vineyard development over the last 50 years.

Vine density, clonal selection, rootstock, trellising and canopy management are tailored to each site and are as critical to our success as the soil, water, elevation and exposure.  Warm days and cool nights are the norm in the southern end of the valley as the coastal marine layer that comes in off the ocean drops the temperature 40 to 50 degrees after nightfall.  These daily temperature swings cool the grapes as they grow and are the key to the elegance and balance in our wine.




“The brightest and best spot in the world.”
Cyrus Alexander