AVV Cheese Pairing Guide

You’ve got the wine, now pick up three or more cheeses from your local market, add your favorite crackers or bread, almonds, walnuts and dried fruit.

Download cheese pairing sheet here.

  • Chardonnay
    Sliced apples or pears
    Laura Chenel Goat cheese rolled with fresh herbs
    Marin French (triple cream brie)
  • Sin Zin
    Sliced salumi or country style pate’
    P.A. Bowen Chesapeake Cheddar (classic aged cheddar, creamy texture)
    Cotswold with chives (whole milk, similar to cheddar, not as hard)
  • Merlot
    A softer mousse styled liver pate
    Teleme (creamy, tangy soft cheese)
    Bellwether Farms Crescenza (soft cow’s milk, similar to stracchino)
  • Cabernet Sauvignon
    Shaker Bleu (Roquefort style sheep’s milk blue)
    Jasper Farms Clothbound Cheddar (crumbly texture, nutty aroma