Cherry and Hot Honey Smoked Pork Ribs

“The cherry barbeque rub harmonizes well with the fruity notes in the Pinot Noir and the hot honey adds an extra layer of complexity. The Pinot’s lighter body and moderate acidity helps to balance the richness of this dynamic pairing of sweet and spicy, allowing the delicate flavors to mingle!”

Robynn Chapman, Wine Club and Hospitality Coordinator

Serves: 4


1 rack pork ribs
Cherry barbeque rub, your choice*
Apple cider vinegar, in a spray bottle
1/4 cup hot honey, your choice*
1/4 cup butter
BBQ sauce, your choice*

*we used Traeger Reserve Cherry BBQ Rub, Mike’s
Hot Honey and Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ Sauce

Method of Preparation:

Remove membrane from back ribs, then coat ribs liberally in cherry rub. Place directly on the rack in the smoker.

Smoke at 250° for 3 hours. At the 90-minute mark, spritz ribs all over with apple cider vinegar.

On a large piece of aluminum foil, spread butter, hot honey and more rub down the center. Once the three hours are up, place ribs meat side down on foil, then wrap tightly. Smoke ribs for an additional hour, then remove ribs from foil. Turn ribs meat side up and brush with BBQ sauce. Smoke ribs for a final 30-40 minutes.

Note: follow the same instructions for cooking